Twist of Fate (2015)

Choreographer: Holly Small

Composer: Casey Sokol

Excerpts from Covering Oli
1. Natasha’s Waltz
2. Tip!
3. Different Shoes (aka 12-person precision shoe passing)
4. The Yodeler of Guadalajara
5.  Marcie’s Dzhygh
6. Nine Miles High
7. Waltz for Em
8. Whirled
9. Healing

Lighting Design: Ian Garrett

Costumes: Lindy Pole, Jessica McCormick

Rehearsal Assistants: Gdalit Neuman, Niko Markakis

Pianist: Casey Sokol

Dancers: Laura Armstrong, Charlene Carumba, Natalie Chung, Crystal Finn-Dunn, Charlotte Fowlow, Victoria Gubiani, Jessica Irwin, Kira McDermid, Dana Sauvé, Cayley Scates, Kiera Shaw, Selina Twum